Disconnecting, temporarily.

Just to let you know I am not going to be around on this blog for a little while. I feel I need to disconnect from stuff for a short while to try and sort my head out. I had a particularly low week this week for a few reasons, it was very much a … Continue reading

Be safe, not sorry

I just felt I had to share this, even though nothing went wrong, it highlighted for me the risks we take when going out for a solo run. Here’s the story: I had gone out for a 4 mile run (the longest I’ve managed post injury by the way :)), and it was going pretty … Continue reading

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, folks. Yes, you heard that right – happy Monday! Most people (me included) hate Mondays. I don’t blame them, I mean the return to work and the 9-5 is a grind after the weekend is tough but today I am feeling positive for some reason so I am actually looking forward to tackling the week. … Continue reading