Starting out….

So…I did the mind mapping exercise that wordpress recommended, I jotted everything that I wanted this blog to be and it hasn’t really got me very far. To much to blog!

I am going to use this as a tool to stay upbeat and positive, to beat generalised anxiety disorder and depression, to focus on the positive and cast aside the negatives, I want to stay healthy in body and mind. I am inspired by Angela Liddon and am a massive fan of Spark People. Both these have taught me about the power of positive self talk, healthy attitudes to food and life, setting goals and reaching them. I have spent the last year on a journey re-aligning my life with the help of Spark People, I have beaten weight issues and tackled mental health issues and tried to improved my attitude to so many things. Now however the hard work is starting, I need to keep on this path and keep the dark days in the past, where they belong. Two weeks ago the GAD re-appeared with a vengeance, it took a huge struggle and big emotional battle to get away from it, but I am running on away and it’s getting smaller and smaller. Let’s keep running. Let’s stay positive.

I don’t wish to write only on one of my passions, so I think I will let this blog talk about them all….but in micro form!

Through this blog I am inviting you to join me on my journey of discovery and achievement. To discover new foods, new places, new people and new methods. To achieve goals, have adventures and most importantly to keep anxiety at a safe distance!

I stole this introduction from ohsheglows – Angela is now managing this website , her own bakery, the Green Monster Movement (will talk more about my first Green Monster experience later!) and is totally inspiring.

Fun Facts about Me:

Name: Helen

Location: England

Exercise: Running (middle distance), swimming and circuit training. I enjoy resistance and strength exercise 2\3 times a week.

Preferred drinks: Sparkling water, grapefruit juice, tea (builders and herbal), Red Wine

Vice: Fresh bread, cheese, gossip magazines

Cut out and never looked back: Lack of exercise. Going for more than 2 days without any cardio.

How I got healthy: I use the wonderful, free, online dieting tool Spark People which promotes healthy eating, healthy attitudes and being active. I reduced my daily calorie intake, increased my cardio regime (well it was at ZERO so not hard!) and made the conscious decision to really work at it and get the result I have always wanted. I was mentally ready this time to lose weight. To do it, I didn’t see it as a diet but as I lifestyle change. I re-evaluated all areas of my life and re-educated. There were no restrictions: I didn’t see that imposing strict  “You can’t have X” rules on myself would help, I would instantly rebel. Instead I adopted sensible choices, developed accountability, looking everywhere for healthy options and no longer treating my body like a dustbin. I developed a consciousness through Spark that I have never had before. Some narrow minded people call it an obsession, it is not an obsession, it’s an awareness of good and bad choices, I don’t count every single calorie consumed (yes, I stay within a range, but if I stray occasionally, I stray) but I plan. I see food as fuel and look for the best fuel I need for the activities I am planning ahead. I am by no means perfect, but instead of 90% bad choices, 10% ok choices, I am proud to say I am now 90% good and only 10% bad. I plan to keep educating to get rid of the 10%.

For fun: Reading, running, dancing, tweeting, celebrity gossip (shameless, I know), playing with my dog, cleaning (I love homemaking!), cooking, baking, making jams, chutney and preserves, day dreaming and planning

Hates (food):  Salad Cream, Pork.

Loves (food): Big salads with loads of interesting ingredients, fairy cakes and cup cakes, vegetable pakoras, Green Monster Smoothies, granola, stewed apples and greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of raw oats, sushi, courgettes, mozzarella cheese, home made chutney.   

Aunt: Sadly no, and never will be, but I am proud to be Godmother to my precious God daughter, Zara. I love her very much:

Pet: My little Patterdale Terrier pup

Favourite TV Show: Sex and the City, Glee. Shamless mind numbing TV. Love it.

Married : For 3 years in May to my wonderful partner, and best friend!

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