10 Reasons to Love Running

I run to live, live to run and love to run.

If you’d have asked me to join you for a run back in 2009 I would have laughed and agreed to meet you in a coffee shop when you were done. In 2010 I decided to lose weight and as a way to stay on the “wagon” signed up for the Cancer Research UK 10k run. I fully intended once this was over to stop running, or at least not progress further than 10km.

That was then. This is now.

Running has taken me to the highest of highs, as well as the lowest of lows but I wanted to jump on this band wagon and blog about all the things I love about running as part of a #RunChat giveaway but also as a way to spread a little running love and give an insight into why I love this sport so very much. Here goes:

1…..I feel mentally tougher and can handle life’s knocks a bit better than before.

If you read my blog, you know I have a little problem with Anxiety and Depression – I am not going to go into the details here, but there have been times in my life where I have been completely debilitated by it, symptoms have taken over my life entirely and it took a long struggle, and a lot of help to get through them. Luckily, recently, there have been no such triggers and I am starting to get back to normal. I have had minor set backs but through the power of endorphins but also the mental strength that running provides I have been able to move past these obstacles. I can think in times of distress, “You can cope with this, because you can run x miles without giving in, why give up now?”

 2…..I feel physically fitter than ever before.

Throughout my early to mid 20s, I was out of shape, over weight, I had a bad back, was tired 90% of the time, ate a poor diet and much else besides. Since becoming a runner, not only has the training helped me shed inches and pounds it’s made me evaluate what I eat, when I eat, what I drink and a consequence is I feel much better physically than ever before.

 3…..The stresses of the day can melt away during a run

In simple terms: I no longer need to consume several large glasses of wines to get over a bad day, just lace up my trainers and head out the door instead!

4…..I have met some amazing people – virtually and in person.

I think I have found my place in the running community.

Through my club, through blogs and twitter, the people I have come across some amazing, amazing people. I’ve made some lovely new friends, been inspired to run further and further and supported no end. I can’t thank these people enough!

I love the fact that I am going to be running in New York  next month and will be sharing experience with 15’000 other runners, I can’t wait to join the Calgary Road Runners for a training run when we visit there in July either!

 5…..I am closer to my Dad.

We were close anyway, but now our bond is stronger. I love our Sunday morning runs together and that time away from everything and anyone to chat and laugh and sort out problems. I run every race for my Dad.

6…..Experiencing mind-blowing post race\run euphoria, better than any drug!

Fist punches, hugging strangers, yep been there – done that. I love that you lose all inhibitions after a race, along with everyone else who is crossing the line with you

 7…..Looking at a hill and thinking “Yep, I ran that.”

I live in a hilly place. I love the fact I can conquer those hills (without the use of my car!)

8…..Those times on a run where everything just “clicks”

Where you no longer feel uncomfortable, everything is just fluid and you feel like you could carry on for days. Forrest Gump style.

 9…..I can chop the wood for the week without getting out of breath.

10….I can stand up and say “I am a runner” and be proud of myself for something, finally.


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