Update and a new challenge

I mentioned in my last post that the light at the end of my injury tunnel was getting brighter, and I am happy to report I have managed two teeny tiny runs since my last blog! Yeeaaaahhhh!!

I saw my physio last Wednesday who gave me clearance to try a light jog. He recommended I keep it sort and sweet and advised the following:

Day 1
1 minute run
30 seconds walk x5 reps

Day 2
Rest or swim\cycle

Day 3
2 minute run
1 min walk x5 reps

And so on…

I also have to continue with my strengthening exercises every day.

Even though the runs were short and slow, emotionally I felt like I had climbed a mountain or run a marathon! I can’t describe how great it was to put on my kit and lace up my running shoes again for the first time in 3 months and get out in the fresh air. I added a 5 minute gentle walk on either end of the workouts to warm up and cool down, but apart from that I stuck exactly to what he said. My first run felt a little odd but there was no pain, I just felt really wobbly and my knee felt a little “clunky” but there was no pain so I was happy.

I was worried before I went out, not so much about pain during the run and having to stop, but about the after effects and how it would feel in the morning. Luckily however, there was no pain! In line with the plan I cycled on the exercise bike for 15 minutes that evening and did some upper body and core strength work. On Friday I met my buddy Joan and ran again, this time there was no clunkiness or wobbly feelings, however I was feeling a little stiff in my hammies, quads and glutes and my knee was achy – not painful but achy. On Saturday my knee started to feel sore which continued into Sunday so I didn’t run or swim or cycle all weekend and rested. I was a bit worried initally, but today I feel ok so for now I am just taking it really, really easy and will maybe try a run again on Wednesday.

The aching I felt though after three consecutive days of cardio reminded me though that this is a long process, and I need to still be patient and take each day as it comes. I also think I will try things the other way round as well – i.e cycle-run-restcycle-run-rest to avoid overloading anything.

All in all, positive occurrences however and I am feeling pretty good!

In other news:

I have decided to look into my diet and change a few unhealthy habits I have picked up recently. I have been feeling pretty sluggish recently and also some IBS symptoms have been reappearing (note: I used to suffer from bouts of this a few years back, I cut out dairy and removed myself from a stressful situation which helped) and these have been a really pain and need to stop.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Paleo diet, but I am not sure if I am ready for that big leap, plus I don’t know how practical that would be for me right now, I also need to consider Matt’s feelings and diet – it would be unreasonable of me to enforce strict rules on him, also I love carbs – I am sorry, but I do! Pasta is my favourite, always has been. I got talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago who is gluten free, not because of an allergy but because of how good it makes her feel, so with that in mind I have decided to try it for a week to see how I get on!

I shopped on Saturday:

and officially started yesterday! I had total 0% Greek for breakfast with berries and we had planned a mexican-ish chicken salad with left over Oh She Glows burrito filling for dinner, but then changed our minds when we were out bathroom shopping:

This was due to an arrival of a voucher code for Prezzo in Matt’s inbox! It was tempting to forget the challenge on reading the lunch menu and drooling over lovely pasta dishes and pizza but I stuck to my plan and had a very nice piece of chicken with mushrooms and spinach, potatoes and salad! I felt full for the rest of the day and didn’t feel the need for any snacks at all that evening.

Today I tried some gluten free toast for breakfast and a graze punnet of dried apples and blackberries and some gluten free oatcakes, hummous and crudities for lunch. I am not going to become one of those bloggers who document every single mouthful, but I will keep a loose track of things on here and see how I feel come Sunday evening. I may continue this if it works out okay and it makes me feel good. The only downside is that gluten free products tend to carry a higher price tag, so I will have to shop around a bit to find the best deals, but that’s no bad thing! I still got my weekly shop done  within budget and including the GF stuff. Let’s see how this goes!

Who else out there is gluten free? Tell me your experiences. Have you ever looked back? 

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